Undergraduates (applications accepted on a rolling basis)

The Lerner Lab is always happy to hear from conscientious, smart, talented students with a passion for science who would like to join our team. Duties of an undergraduate research assistant vary by project, but typically include: administering experiments at the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory, conducting literature reviews and other background research, preparing PowerPoint slides for presentations, coding data and summarizing results, tracking down references, and attending lab meetings to brainstorm ideas. Paid positions are available for Harvard students who can commit to working with us for at least 6 months. Most students work a maximum of 10 hours/week. Students of any concentration are welcome to apply. Interested students should send an email to our lab manager, Chelsea Zabel (, for more information.

Full-time research fellowship positions are intended for individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree who are able to commit to working with the lab for at least two years. More information will be included here if a position becomes available in the future.
Independent research course credit is available to master’s students for 2 semesters.
Doctoral students (applications accepted once yearly) Applications to doctoral programs at the Harvard Kennedy School are reviewed each winter. Prospective doctoral students interested in working with Professor Lerner should apply for a PhD in Public Policy and should have a primary field of interest in Judgment and Decision Making. More information about the program and requirements can be found here: and Decision Making
Visitors are welcome to attend our weekly lab meetings. Please contact our lab manager, Chelsea Zabel (, for details or fill out the form below: