Charlie Dorison

Charlie received his PhD in the Judgment and Decision Making track at the Harvard Kennedy School in the spring of 2020. He will continue has a Postdoc at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. His research integrates theory from emotion science, social psychology, and behavioral economics to shed light on human behavior.

His particular areas of interest are judgment and decision making, emotion, conflict resolution, impulse control, social costs of rational behavior, and open science.

At HKS, Charlie works primarily with Professors Jennifer Lerner, Julia Minson, and Todd Rogers. Prior to Harvard, Charlie graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, where he majored in Psychology and Economics and worked with Professors Cynthia Cryder and Alan Lambert.

Charlie enjoys studying decision making in a lifelong quest to understand why his parents named his childhood dog Mildred. You can learn more information about him on his personal website here: