Charlie Dorison

Charlie is a PhD Candidate in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. He has primary fields in Emotion and Decision Making and Psychometrics.

Charlie’s research focuses on how specific emotions influence policy-relevant behavior. These include behavioral economic (e.g., beta-delta discount rates), social psychological (e.g., selective exposure), ethical (e.g., equality vs. efficiency tradeoffs), political (e.g., rally effects), and public health (e.g., smoking) outcomes. He is also interested in broader application of emotion science as levers of behavior change.

Charlie is devoted to teaching. For example, he taught an eight-hour session on Judgment and Decision Making for the California Police Chiefs Executive Leadership Institute (evaluation: 4.87/5). He has served as a Curriculum Coach in Executive Education at Harvard many times, and served as a Teaching Fellow in Professor Lerner’s Leadership Decision Making course in Spring 2018.

Charlie graduated Magna Cum Laude (with distinction in Economics) from Washington University in St. Louis in 2015. He majored in Psychology and Economics and minored in Political Science.

Charlie enjoys studying human decision making in his lifelong quest to understand why his parents named his childhood dog Mildred.