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Science for Peace and Security (SPS) – NATO – March 25, 2002

“There are probably 30 different errors and biases that even the smartest people fall victim to systematically. In the domain of national security, stakes are especially high and commanders know it. They want to set the highest possible standards. If we academics can improve the accuracy of risk perception by even 10 percent, for example, we can save lives.” – Jennifer Lerner, The Decision Scientist, Harvard Kennedy School Magazine

“What we find is that there are situations that affect all of us in similar ways, leading us to be biased, and that personality doesn’t matter in those cases. It’s not so much about finding people with the right personal characteristics as it is changing the judgment and decision context.” – Jennifer Lerner, Science of Decisions, Kennedy School Bulletin
“I wanted answers to questions that were important in my life…” – Jennifer Lerner, Personal Question Leads Scientist to Academic Excellence
“Sitting in the course sessions deepened the students’ knowledge of the field and demonstrated to them the many ways in which international leaders can make ready use of scientific research on judgment and decision making…” – Jennifer Lerner, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University: In The News
“Most of us believe our policy preferences are very well-formed beliefs that tie into our core, enduring values. What we find in our research, however, is that our policy preferences are very much shaped by the information that we are exposed to, especially information that is emotionally evocative.” – Jennifer Lerner on NPR’s Hidden Brain: “How Emotional Responses To Terrorism Shape Attitudes Toward Policies”